Repairs and Restorations

A full and professional repair service done with consideration for the musicians playing schedule.

A list of common repairs includes:

  • Bridge fitting and replacement
  • Soundpost adjusting
  • Peg fitting
  • Tailgut replacement
  • Fingerboard shooting
  • Varnish retouching
  • String fitting and tuning

More major problems such as:

  • Cracks and breaks
  • Tonal adjustments
  • Buzz analysis and elimination
  • Neck realignments
  • Wolf notes

Estimates of cost can be given on viewing.


Bow  rehairs with best white horsehair can usually done within 48 hours of receiving.

Lapping, thumb grips, eye replacings, respringing etc.



A selection of good value cases  of different shapes,weights,quality and colours to fit most instruments.

Chin and shoulder rests for violin and violas.

Brands include, Kun, Wolf, Bon Musica, Artino, Fom.

Instrument mutes, pick ups, Cello spike holders, electronic tuners.


Dominants, Pirastro, Larsen, D’Dario, Jargar,etc

All at competitive prices and can be posted.

Instrument Rentals usually available especially for Cello as part of a rent and buy scheme.



Verbal valuation freely given but a written value for insurance, probate or sale can be done.